0010 Roy’s 18 Minute Walking Podcast Oct 24, 2016 Of Jay Leno and the 5th Habit

October 24, 2016

Walking and reading another article. This one from the LA Times in 2014, published right before Leno stepped down as Tonight Show host after 20 years. They analyzed his tens of thousands of monologue jokes to see who his biggest targets were.


0009 Roy’s 18 Minute Walking Podcast Oct 22, 2016 Of Late Night Talk Shows

October 22, 2016

Walking and talking a recent USA Today article by former Tonight Show co-producer Dave Berg and the fact that most shows are now shilling for Hillary rather than trying to entertain.


0008 Roy’s 18 Minute Walking Podcast Oct 21, 2016 Of d’Anconia’s Money Speech from Atlas Shrugged

October 22, 2016

I read for you while walking, one of the more stirring literary passages I have encountered in my life: the d'Anconia Money Speech from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

Leftists (not necessarily liberals, though), proceed at your own risk. This will challenge your core values. 😉


0007 Roy’s 18 Minute Walking Podcast Oct 20, 2016 Of James Bond 007

October 20, 2016

Walking and talking James Bond 007 I discuss briefly my favorite film of each actor to portray the legendary superspy in the EON cinematic universe.


0006 Oct 19, Of American Graffiti, Lucasfilm, and Franklin Planners

October 19, 2016

Walking and talking American Graffiti George Lucas Garry Marshall Star Wars and Franklin Planners


0005 Oct 13, 2016 Of Scouting and High School TV News

October 14, 2016

Why I never got my Eagle Scout How I got into film and television production I walk on the eliptical and watch Classic Star Trek episode "The Enemy Within"


0004 Oct 12, 2016 Of Classic Movies and Violinmaking

October 12, 2016

Talking: Classic movies Violin Making The 7 Habits and Sharpening the Saw: the 7th Habit (No politics this time. Yay!)


0003 Oct 11, 2016 Of rebounding and Star Wars

October 11, 2016

Rebounding today for a little mix up action Jokes and theories about Star Wars My efforts to become a film and game studio boss And much more! Good times for you I hope.


0002 Oct 10, 2016 Oops, Got A Little Political

October 10, 2016

Walking and talking the election, comedy songs about said election, Ayn Rand, Marxism vs. Capitalism, the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, and my overall optimism for the future of America and the world, despite all the doom and gloom.


0001 Oct 8, 2016 Introduction and first stroll

October 8, 2016

In this introductory episode:

Why 18 minutes? Stand-up comedy open mic-ing Autoharp Fat loss through walking High school plays and musicals

Why 18 minutes? Because Covert Bailey always said in his Fit or Fat books to stay in an aerobic zone for at least 12 minutes a day in order to have the long term benifits of walking; and it takes the first 6 minutes of walking to ramp up into the aerobic zone. The aerobic zone is where you are breathing heavily, but can still carry on a conversation. If you are too winded to talk (or recite the alphabet), you are in the cardio zone and are burning sugar, not fat stores.

I figure what better way to make this a daily (or nearly daily) habit than to podcast as I walk -- thus maintaining my aerobic/fat-burning/fat-thermostat-resetting zone. And while I walk, I will share whatever comes to my mind with you. So you can enjoy my missives from politics, the cosmos, science and invention, film and game production, stand-up comedy, the performing arts, and anything else I decide to put out into the universe.

I hope you will join me for a walk. Enjoy!